Monday, October 11, 2010

Dog trekking in Almada

Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever

Cookie, Australian Shepherd and Bri, Golden Retriever

The goal to initiate my sun in trekking is to try to maintain some level of physical activity, adding the learning of our natural and cultural environment, and sincerely without having money for more, trying to avoid him from occupying his free time with sedentary activities, like video games and TV.

Of course in our case, that we train our dogs exists a big component in our lives out of the sedentary environment, but I still feel that our return to Lisbon drastically reduced our outdoor activity (or maybe this feeling is caused by our agility performance being largely overcame by our dogs running capability … anyway ...)

Golden Retriever in dog trekking
My sun with Bri, Golden Retriever

As such I try to keep the spirit of doing a physical activity with our 4 leg family members, were we can meet other people and at some time do some physical activity.

As it is obvious, this time, I appeal to the spirit of helping an association for abandon dogs has a last push and there we went, with an additional reason to go, and walk with our four leg friends.

Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd on dog trekking
Me with Bri, Golden Retriever and Cookie, Australian Shepherd

So, armed with a solidarity spirit, we participate in the dog trekking organized by the HousePet in Almada. It was a city dog trekking without the natural beauty of our previous adventure, but even so, an excellent opportunity to make new friends and support a very close cause.
We brought Cookie, my Australian Shepherd and Bri, Golden Retriever witch is Bianca mother.

A lot of people went and so I have to admire the several people solidarity spirit!

Dog trekking in Almada 2010
The group

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