Monday, April 15, 2013

Introducing farm animals to my Australian Shepherd

Well, my reach for the Australian Shepherd origins steal continues.

So, this weekend I went to introduce to another of my Aussies the pony, Trovão. I allowed for them to walk together, smell each other and share a lot of treats.

Overall a huge success ! They seam to know each other for years !

australian shepherd with pony australian shepherd with pony australian shepherd with pony

Friday, April 05, 2013

O Trovão

Trovão is the new member of our family!

He has 4 legs and is about the size of a large dog. The big difference is that he eats mostly weed ;)

Our little horse has been a very pleasant surprise !

For those that don’t have my age, didn’t have the daily series and movies about horses and cowboys. We grew up playing cowboys with pretend horses that would run across the prairies. When we were older, at least we common mortals, began to realize that the horses belonged to an elite, because the association with them was not only expensive, but also difficult to find in cities.

Little House on the Prairie

Today, our little ones do not grow seeing the movies and series with the horses and prairies, but ironically they do have more easy access to horses.

horse riding

Well, in short, my little one already attends a riding school about 4 years. But I only started dedicating more deeply to know these animals around 1 year.

So now came the opportunity to have a new element of 4 feet, the pony Trovão.

The pony has been a surprise!

At first I was apprehensive and afraid he would be frightened and would remain in tension with the "canine neighbors”. But amazing he was the first to approach them and see what kind of neighbors were those. He is amazingly calm and without fear approaches us! After almost two weeks, he knows where the shelter is, and goes there alone in search of shelter of those winter rainstorms.


In the morning neighs the good days and he seems to speak to us. At night he comes demanding the night feeding and get all happy and excited when we give attention. When I return from work he always greet us and appears cheerful when he sees us.

Basically I call him my big dog;) and soon I hope to get him to be with some of my Australian Shepherd, as is the nature of the Aussies living in farms with these animals.

Australian Shepherd with horses