Thursday, May 29, 2008

What happens when you have one toy and 5 playing dogs ?

I am lucky to have such wonderful four leg family of Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd.

In the video below you can see why I think that way ….

Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Golden Retriever, Brad,made 3 years this weekend - Happy Birthday !!

Happy Birthday Brad !!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Taking a Golden Retriever to the fortress of Sagres

Sagres, Algarve
Golden Retriever in Sagres, AlgarveBri, my Golden Retriever in Sagres, Algarve
Sagres is a memorial place, with it’s high rocks, scary sea fronts and position in the most western point of Europe.

In nice calm days a walk to the fort of Sagres is recommended to the all family and allows us to go back in time to the glorious discoveries times.

I took my son and my Golden Retriever, Bri, to a visit in this remarkable place and my son love the sea views, the fort high walls and canons.

So it was a well spent day for all of us !

Golden Retriever in Sagres

Me and Bri, my Golden Retriever, in Sagres, Algarve

Golden Retriever in Sagres
Golden Retriever in Sagres

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Monday, May 19, 2008

A walk with my Australian Shepherd through Luz, Algarve Portugal

australian shepherd in praia da luz
This time me and my Australian Shepherd, Cookie, went to visit the famous Praia da Luz, located in Algarve Portugal.

This area is known by the famous Black Rock formation that is believed to be created by volcanic activity from Monchique.

australian shepherd in praia da luz
australian shepherd in praia da luzLuz has a pedestrian walk around the beach that we went through and were we only hear the English and German language. Makes us wondering if we are still in Portugal.

australian shepherd in praia da luz
australian shepherd in praia da luz

The beach is surrounded by palm trees that complete its oriental beauty. All access to the beach are forbidden to dogs and so we stay on the side walk (the funny thing is for loose dogs this forbidden sign wasn’t well respected).

australian shepherd in praia da luzAnd that is it, a positive experience for Cookie and me, since it was first walk made for just us two.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Canine demonstration in Externato da Torraltinha

australian shepherd in a school

On the 7 of May, Teco, my Australian Shepherd, and me went to a demonstration organized by our Canine Training Center of Lagos, were we learn and practice agility and obedience.

australian shepherd in a school

The demonstration showed to the children at the school Externato da Torraltinha, obedience, search and rescue and gave the children the chance to touch and pet different type of dogs.

australian shepherd in a school

I hope the children love it, since I know we did !

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Aussies and Golden in Dog Show at Elvas 2008

australian shepherd and golden retriever in elvas dog showaustralian shepherd and golden retriever in elvas dog show
On this weekend we went to Elvas, Portugal, for the 20º International Dog Show, where I token the 3 Australian Shepherd: Teco, Angel and Cookie and Golden Retriever, Bri.

All the Australian Shepherd behaved very well, with natural and joy, achieving very good classifications.

To Cookie, being her first time, deserves a special congratulations, since she was in the same lever as experience dogs, showing good movement, standing and patience to be still until the end.

australian shepherd and golden retriever in elvas dog showaustralian shepherd and golden retriever in elvas dog show
Teco and Cookie also had the chance to be in young handlers competition.

australian shepherd and golden retriever in elvas dog showWere Cookie and her young handler, Ana Pombeiro achieved a excellent 6º place.

Pretty good for the second handler time and first dog show for Cookie.

My Bri, Golden Retriever, had the judgement were the judge give her the remark of excellent temperament, very good colour and coat, an excellent family dog.

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever playing in the middle of flowers

On this weekend I lost a special person in my life, my father, that teach me the love, respect and special care to all leaving creatures.

In one of his last days, his thoughts were for the creatures, that he took care and the request that we would keep take care of them.

For this special men, witch was a great lost to all of us I dedicate the following sequence of spring pictures and the movie below of pure joy of life.

Friday, May 02, 2008

A walk with Brad, our Golden Retriever through Lagos

Golden Retriever in Lagos, Algarve
Brad, my Golden Retriever, in Lagos, Algarve

In a beautiful sunny day I decide to take a walk in one of our Portuguese historical towns with my Golden Retriever Brad.

Brad behaved perfectly and received a lot of complements of the British tourists that visit us at this time of year. I can say he is a very lovely and tender representative of his breed in Portuguese lands.

I hope you can enjoy the video and photos of this walk.

Now a little history about this town - Portugal, Algarve - Lagos:Golden Retriever in Lagos, Algarve

The city of Lagos is an ancient maritime town with more than 2,000 years of history.

It is known by it’s important strategic point during the 15th century period of Portuguese exploration..

It was also through Lagos that the first African slaves entered post-mediaeval Europe. There is a 17th century building standing on the exact site where the first slave maGolden Retriever in Lagos, Algarverkets were held in the 15th century. As the major sponsor of these expeditions, Prince Henry received one fifth of the selling price of the slaves. After his death the town began to slumber as the Royal family lost interest in the Algarve. All major trading houses then took up residence in Lisbon.

The old Portuguese town was a very beautiful city with many monuments until it was destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami of 1755. But it still preserves some rebuilt walls from the 16th century, a governor's castle from the 17th, and the site of what is believed to have been the first black slave market in Europe (the Mercado de Escravos, opened in 1444).

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