Monday, August 25, 2008

Estoril 2008 Dog Show

australian shepherd in estoril dog show

My favourite dog show of the year and we couldn’t miss it. So Sunday we pack the Australian Shepherd and there we went to Estoril.

We arrived early and could enjoy the smell of grass and the slight cold air from the nearby sea. Without a doubt a very nice for such an event.

australian shepherd in estoril dog show
australian shepherd in estoril dog show
australian shepherd in estoril dog show

So before everyone arrives we took some nice shoot in ring training and even my son could take some rounds with the older Australian Shepherd, Teco.

australian shepherd in estoril dog show

When was our turn to enter the ring, the hot was already well felt, but even so we could take some nice remarks and prizes.

australian shepherd in estoril dog show

My Australian Shepherd Estoril dog show results:
  • Teco: R.C.A.C
  • Angel: C.A.C. e C.A.C.I.B.
  • Cookie: 2º Junior

australian shepherd in estoril dog show

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Australian Shepherd in Herding Training Curse by Educacão

herding with australian shepherd

Yesterday, Teco and Angel, our Australian Shepherd had the change to go to the Herding Training Curse by Educação and lecture by Eng. Emanuel Freitas.

I enjoy the practical and theoretical content were the first steps of herding and basic commands to direct the dogs were lecture.

I only hope they keep doing much more of this initiatives.

herding with australian shepherd
herding with australian shepherd
herding with australian shepherd

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Bri

Happy Birthday Bri for your 3 years !

Monday, August 11, 2008

Silves, a visit to medieval times with Cookie, our Aussie

Medieval Fair of Silves, Algarve

Medieval Fair of Silves, Algarve

On this weekend the famous Medieval Fair of Silves started.

Since it is a period that always calls for children dreams and attention, I decided to take my son and my puppy Cookie, our Australian Shepherd, to a walk into our past in the medieval era.

Australian Shepherd in SilvesMe and Cookie, my Australian Shepherd, in Silves, Algarve

Silves was dressed with flags, tents, stands, costumes, music and all of sort of effects that took us to that period.

I imagine that Cookie would be in a worst frightening state, since it was very loud, but she was a very behaved full of courage puppy. Curiosity about all of that was the main factor. Of course the big horses and donkeys made her think twice, but nothing that could be handled.

Some medievel dressed actores

Australian Shepherd in Silves
Me and Cookie, my Australian Shepherd, at the Silves castle street

Australian Shepherd in Silves
Me and Cookie, my Australian Shepherd, in front of Silves castle entrie

My son buying a medievel wooden sword
My son even had the chance to buy a wooden sword with his name painted.

Then we went to see the tournament. The high event of the fair !

For my most surprise Cookie was allowed to watch and enter with us. I think just for this attitude Silves deserves a big reward.

At this stage Cookie was fine, enjoying the petting and treats I was giving for her to be calm and happy. But when the horse come running (IA we were in front) she thought twice and tried to hide under the seat. Oh well not everything could be perfect !

Australian Shepherd in Silves
Australian Shepherd in Silves
Australian Shepherd in Silves
Australian Shepherd in Silves
Cookie, my Australian Shepherd watching the tournament in the Medieval Fair of Silves, Algarve

And that is it ! Our trip to the past in the Medieval Era ! We love it !

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The importance of writing a blog

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I am being confronted, specially in the dog breeding area, about the importance and impact of writing a blog.

I hope with this article to show to lovers and friends of our four leg pets what is the importance and best points in writing and having a blog.

  • 1º Opportunity

A blog provides to people the opportunity to show and show their work.
In the search in showing more they also have an incentive and motivation in continuing and improving the work they have done.

  • 2º Advertise

I imagine a blog as a newspaper, where we publish every week the latest news about work work or area of interested.

  • 3º Distribution

Since a blog it is a newspaper it is also important to distribute it in several communities and give several different people the opportunity to read and know your articles.
Communities like DIHITT, PTNOTICIAS, DIGG, MIXX, offer this king of audience and permit to advertise and get readers to our articles.
Some communities like DIHITT, have a speaking Portuguese audience with na high level of interaction.

  • 4º Write in English

Yes, I am Portuguese and like most Portuguese I love to read and write in my birth language, but is it enough? I think the answer is obviously not and since English is the recognized universal language it is also evident that we should try to use it.
At this moment my blog was seen in 31 different countries and I feel a little pride about that achievement.

  • 5º Expense

The expense is very low or none, since there is the opportunity to create free blogs. I think the worst is the time and enough dedication required to update and create original In my case I always try to be unique and it is the planning and work around the article that gives me pleasure.

  • 6º Feedback

Since the blog is a fast tool to create and submit new articles, receive comments and analyse searches and views, it is also a fast way to provide readers feedback about our work.

Friends, breeder, owners and in the end four leg lovers, try to teach, learn and in the end to be more. Maybe that way we can start having conscience owners, responsible breeders and much more people interested to have more then a simple pet and therefore to create more opportunities to have more people working with our beloved long time companions, the dogs.

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