Monday, June 29, 2009

Golden Retriever and Portuguese Water Dog playing on a beach

Golden Retriever and Portuguese Water Dog
Golden Retriever and Portuguese Water Dog
Golden Retriever and Portuguese Water Dog

On this weekend I took my dogs to a relaxing activity by the sea with two of our friends, the Portuguese Water Dog from Casa da Buba.

The intention was of course to have a nice playing time and dog socialization, but also to provide to my two puppies, a 8 months Golden Retriever and a 6 months Portuguese Water Dog, a additional motivation to start swimming in the water.

As you can see on the pictures and movie below, the training was a success and in the end all six dogs were swimming and having a wonderful time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What dogs shouldn’t definitely eat

I am from the time were giving dry food was something like an luxury and therefore dogs were feed with our food.

So when people say that we must not give any of our food to the dogs, I wonder why not.

So, after some research I found some interesting articles that focus this topic and report in a consistent way what really should be excluded from the dog food.

I thing as general rule, dogs should eat their proper dry food that is given in a pre-defined schedule. For several reasons dry food has evolved and they are very complete.
But like any owner, I like to give some snacks and rewards to my dogs.

In general rice, meat without bones, fruit and vegetables not tempered are a very safe food. Next is a list of not safe food,

Alcoholic beverages: For me is quite upsetting thinking that someone can even considerer to give alcoholic beverages to dogs. If in humans causes intoxication, liver issues, neurological problems, seizures, coma and death, imagine on your dog.

Apple seeds: Apples is a treat that I normally give to my dogs and only the seeds are dangerous since they contain cyanide.

Avocados: They are mentioned as being toxic

Caffeine: Once more one of those things that doesn’t makes sense to give to a dog. Like with humans in too much quantities, it can cause increased breathing, bleeding and heart arrhythmias.

Chocolate: Everyone already heard about this one and so I mention again, chocolate is toxic.

Garlic and onions:: In large amounts, can make a dog anemic.

Grapes and raisins: I didn’t knew about this one, but it seems that dogs can choke on grapes.

Mustard seeds: Gastroenteritis can be caused by this seeds.

Nutmeg: Ingestion can lead to tremors, seizures and death.

Potato and tomato leaves and stems: Can cause serious stomach issues.

Rhubarb leaves: These are particularly dangerous, causing organ failure.

Salt: Excessive salt can cause swelling and fluid retention in the brain.

Xylitol: Ingesting this artificial sweetener can cause a dramatic drop in blood sugar.

Yeast dough: It will expand in your dog's stomach just like it would in an oven. Also, the fermentation of the yeast is toxic to the animal.

Bones: Big enough for then not to swallow in one bite and not to splint.

I hope this list can help you clear some doubts about what can be given to a dog. I can add that rewards and treats should never been given at the table or from the kitchen balcony.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lost of search and rescue teams

Today we dedicate our blog weekly topic to the Search and Rescue Teams with dogs of Portugal that so much personal effort and sacrifice makes to take training and know more.

On this weekend a group of fireman had an accident in Spain when returning of a search and rescue with dogs training in Barcelona.

It is a great national lost, since we don’t have many with this dedication and sacrifice.

We present our feelings to family and friends.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Portuguese Water Dog in Lagos Dog Show and Water Trial

On this weekend there were in Lagos, Algarve, the dog show and water trials for the Portuguese Water Dog.

Like is of common knowledge, the Portuguese Water Dog is considered one of the oldest breeds of Europe, were its working capabilities, morphology and personalities are unique and typical of this breed.

Being considered one of the most rare breeds several efforts have been made to show and divulge this dog and their unique character.

Next are the photos of the event,

Portuguese Water Dog in Dog Show
Portuguese Water Dog in Dog Show
Portuguese Water Dog in Dog Show
Portuguese Water Dog in Dog Show
Portuguese Water Dog in Dog Show
Portuguese Water Dog in Dog Show
Portuguese Water Dog in Dog Show
Portuguese Water Dog in Lagos Dog Show

Portuguese Water Dog - water trial
Portuguese Water Dog - water trial
Portuguese Water Dog - water trial
Portuguese Water Dog - water trial
Portuguese Water Dog - water trial

Portuguese Water Dog in Lagos water trial

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lagos - Portuguese Water Dog

This Sunday, 7 of June, the City Council of Lagos is organizing the II Competition of the Breed Portuguese Water Dog and II Water Trial of Portuguese Water Dog, in front of the Castle Wall Gardens, in front of Lagos fortress.

10 H in front of Câmara of Lagos

A good chance to see the handling and work of this dogs.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Portie and Aussies in Algarve Dog Show

Portie and Aussies in Algarve Dog Show

Doggies near the stand Happy Dogs

This weekend was the Algarve Dog Show that we went to visit and participate with two Australian Shepherd, Angel and Teco, and with an Portuguese Water Dog on his first big out, Figo.

It was pity that the majority of the visitors were other nationalities then Portuguese, but maybe because of the lack of divulge and information among the Algarve residents. In my case I just knew because I received the information by email from friends.

Anyway, it was a nice and pleasant day !

Portie and Aussies in Algarve Dog Show
Angel and Teco, two Australian Shepherd

Portuguese Water Dog

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