Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Angel is finally at home !

Finally I have my Angel at home.

I am one of those persons that in reflection, I think I have being through a lot. More then that ...

Last year was a really complicated year, full of ups and downs. You know what is to have someone that makes you fell in love and then treat you like garbage ? then you know what I went through last year. But, even so, I think yesterday was one of the most difficult days of my existence.

There is some moments, especially when we deal with our babies, that it seems that someone is draining all our life and yesterday was one of those moments.

Well, let me explain,

My girl flight was schedule for 8:15 a.m. With my car out of service, I had to rent a car and since I didn’t know the car I decided to go early, just in case.
At 7:40 h I arrived at Lisbon airport and e decided to see if I could advanced some of the papers. I went to 3 places and got the some answer, must wait for the flight. The flight was late and its due time was around 9h.
At 8:40 h I went to the company representatives and they told me that the plain was landing and to come back after 30 min.
30 min after there I was, and they told me that the animals were still on the plain and to come back again in 30 min.
(I started to twitch my nose but I counted until 10 and waited 30 min)
30 min later I was going towards the elevator and a men from the company call me and gave me the papers (what a relief) and told me to go to another office.
And there I went, waited for my turn, and a lady took the papers, inserted the process number into the computer and told me “oh, they still didn’t put the process in the computer, you have to wait”.
I told her, it was concerning a dog, she call, no one answer and told me to wait.
(well, I started to see things clouded and decided to fetch the car to where I was suppose to pick Angel and make time)
After coming back, the answer was the same, she phone with success, and told me her colleague was putting the information in the computer.
(I started to count from 1000 backwards to see if I could stay controlled)
3 attempts later the lady could process and sent me to customs.
On customs office there were two ladies talking, and I call their attention, and they told me, I had to wait for their colleague to come back.
(I continue to count the numbers backward)
Ok, lost the patient and told then it was about a dog and the lady got up, saw the papers and sent me to the airport veterinarian office.
To enter the veterinarian office I had to go through a X-ray and a security officer (strange), but ok, I went through.
On the veterinarian they asked me if I want to see Angel (finally).
Well ... what can I say ... when I saw her cover in poop, I felt all my live being drained from inside, and start crying like crazy.
I took Angel out, great her and ask something to clean the box.
When the so call veterinarian saw Angel loose started shouting at me to put her back inside.
I was completely heartbroken and asked them to allow me to, at least, clean the box.
Answer, “did you ask permission to take her out ?”
I told him No and he demanded for me to put her back inside.
I held Angel and scream, shouted and told them I wouldn’t put her back in all that mess.
After a lot of yelling and the reach of the point where I told him that he wasn’t a vet, since a vet should take care of the animals health and got the answer that I was exaggerating, since she was just an animal and it was my fault since I decided to send her out, the so call veterinarian allowed me to clean the box, demanding that I took all the dirt out with me.
Do you think they allowed me to take Angel with me ? no … this is still not over
I had to put her back in the box, pay 25 € for the veterinarian papers and went back to customs office.
On customs after they had look and analyzed every single piece of paper, they stamp, sign and gave me more papers.
And there I went to the place where I suppose to pick her ... and ... more papers and I was sent to another office, treasure.
18 € later and a few more papers and stamps, I went to the pickup place and finally they allowed me to bring my poor dog.

After all of this, what to say ? How would you be ? I think there is no words to describe my fury, and state of mind ...

For the USA, with all the terrorism and problems they have there, the dog arrived in excellent conditions and the people that pick her up didn’t had any problems. Me, in my own country, in my dog birth country, spent 4 h on the airport and my baby was treated worst than a package.

Of course I had a 4 hour drive to the airport, a 4 hour in the airport and then a 6 hour driving back, since I had to stop a lot for Angel to stretch her legs, drink and relief herself (it was enough the time she was closed on the airport and aero plain).
The smell on the car was unbelievable and only after arriving home and giving her a warm bath I allowed myself to think “Finally Angel is home !

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New photos of Angel & Jake

Witch such Australian Shepherd parents, that have high pedigree, beauty and working capability, you can imagine what a amazing puppies will come out !

australian shepherd
australian shepherd
australian shepherd
australian shepherd
australian shepherd

Photos kindly provided by Ami from Mercury Aussies

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Carnival 2010 with lots of Fun !

australian shepherd

Happy Carnival 2010 with lots of Fun !

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Angel and Jake playing

And there they are, the two Valentine Australian Shepherd, playing together.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Angel and Jake

australian shepherd
australian shepherd
australian shepherd
australian shepherd

Photos kindly provided by Ami from Mercury Aussies

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Angel in Jake home

And there she is, my sweet red merle aussie, safe, happy and being lovely like only she can be !

Monday, February 08, 2010

And Angel is gone ...

Must be one of the hardest things I had to do with one of my dogs ...

australian shepherd

My thanks for all the suport and help to prepare the flight goes to:
José Ferrão
Igacargo Ltd
Lisboa / Air Dpt
email: jose.ferrao@igacargo.pt

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Angel goodbye party

australian shepherd
australian shepherd
australian shepherd

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


After a long waiting and almost desperation, Angel is finally in season and now is move move move to send her to the wonderful Jake !!

australian shepherd
australian shepherd
australian shepherd
australian shepherd
australian shepherd

Photos kindly provided by Ami from Mercury Aussies