Thursday, March 27, 2008

My first pedigree dog

Many ask me how did I start to have Pedigree dogs when I was raised to believe that dogs aren’t bought since there are so many abandoned.

Well my life changed a lot when I was divorced !

At that time I had two street dogs, Roxy and Sininho, that to respect my husband and his family wishes lived only on the yard. The first thing I changed at home !

One month later I started to notice there was a Golden alone on the street were I lived. Since the dog had leash, I thought he had an owner, but I couldn’t believe who was so irresponsible to leave a Golden alone wondering.

One day I came back from work and the Golden follow us, and got in with us.

I warned my sun, in the time with 3 years old, that the dog was probably lost and that we should find the owners since they miss him.
I started phoning the vets and animal shops. One of the vets had a poster and we went there.
Wasn’t him, so we check for Chip. Nothing ! So we vaccine him, made a check-up and left my contacts.

In that complicated moment of my life, Rufus, has we call him, was a blessing. His calm and patience of a 7 year old dog, give us a reason to go out and the patience to allow my son to lay on his bally and speak about everything.

Rufus was one of that special dogs, witch we trust our home and nothing was touch. That we take on a walk and he walked easily and calmly. That ride calmly on the back of the car. So one of those dog models.

His bigger joy was to go to the beach, were we walked and play. He loved to swim and go to people on the water.
Only the smell of the sea, still in the car, tacked several years and he seams a puppy again.

In the end Rufus was all that was expected of a Golden Retriever dog and has was going to know him and read about the breed more I love it.

After 6 months, in the first time I was without my baby, Rufus owners appeared and after a lot of photos and asking for the returning of Rufus I let him go. I spent the rest of the 15 days alone without my two boys.

When my son came back I gave the news and made the promise to get a Rufus that no one could take back.
The pour child for every dog that he saw on the street or in the balcony that seamed like Rufus he started to say that it was him left alone.

Like most people I did the easy way, went to the Internet found a selling add that say excellent line, all exams and easy payment, the one I choose to call.

Of course they say the dogs were wonderful, with all documents and even good for show. A meeting was schedule and me and my son went to see the dogs.

The site of two puppies were enough for us not to leave without one. And I left the payment and left with promises of papers.

There was my first Golden Retriever dog, Brad.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Have a nice Easter !

Monday, March 17, 2008

Australian Shepherd, Angel and Teco, on the 5º Journey

The Association Friend of Rottweiler organize the 5º Jorney of Education, Socialization and Training, that I, Teco and Angel were proud to be there and participate.

The event took place in the excelent facilities of the canine center Dog Spa

As to be expected the first subject of the agenda was the new law that they are preparing for the potential dangerous breeds. The revolt, and especially the sadness, was in everyone hearts.

After it followed a small presentation with an attempt to conscience and inform people the need to educate and train their dogs, and leave the breading to the people that try to beneficiate the breed.

The practical session followed and several dogs were introduced by the owners that wanted to have an informal evaluation of the character and education of their dogs.
As far I could see all dogs were nice, social with people, children and other dogs, but naughty, since when they were loose, they start walking without obeying the owner.

In conclusion all dogs were very nice, educated, but could use a little training to obey the owners and do some simple commands.

In the end, me and Angel took advantage of the Agility course before the draw of the Hill’s gifts, that I have the luck to win, and it was a very nice brushing set.

Other activities:

Thursday, March 13, 2008

5º Journey of Education, Socialization and Training

Photo: James of Tribo dos Animais
5º Journey of Education, Socialization and Training
The Association “Amigo do Rottweiler” will organize its 5º Journey of Education, Socialization and Training. This event, like the one before, will intend to teach the correct relation with your dog.
The association member has free entry and can take the dogs, put question about the behaviour of the dogs, and, if applicable receive practical training. Not members will pay a fee of 5 € (includes person and dog) Under age children don’t pay.
This event will take place at 16 of March, in Dog SPA (Dog Training Center Monte Escrivão) in Olhão at Algarve.

We inform that in this day, presents will be sorted, a DVD Arrival at Home, and one year of Insurance Ani+ and Treats Hill's.

Other activities:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Australian Shepherd, Cookie grandfather, Jake - Day 1 filming

Story and photos taken by Amy Boxer from Mercury Aussies

"Jake is making his big debut on the silver screen this December! He is going to be in "Marley and Me" (after the book) and its set to be released December 2008.
Jake is doing all the "beach scenes"...

Jake was in ALL the scenes shot today. One scene he played a very prominent role with me. We were in a scene where Owen Wilson and Eric Dane were walking down the beach chasing an adorable Lab puppy (Marley) and Jake was one of two dogs in the scene... One dog was doing a down stay and the puppy ran up to it and Jake and I played fetch in the ocean... for an hour they shot the scene over and over... Jake was a trooper, he retrieved his toy endlessly with nice big jumps into the ocean! He was having a ball retrieving, despite the fact that I could not even say a word to him (since all but the two stars are silent while filming)... GOOD boy!

Then we were walking in scenes or "hanging out" at the beach! ... Next shooting day is Thursday.... It was too cool... there was paparazzi in boats speeding by and police chasing them away.... incredibly fun.... I sure love Jake for the chance he has given us to do these neat things!

Anyhow, its a closed set and they are super nuts about NO PHOTOS... which stinks but I guess it will be worth it if he is on a movie in the long run.

Marley and Me on Page Six

Monday, March 10, 2008

On the beach with our Aussies and Golden

On the weekend, yesterday to be more exact, I went to the beach with my family of Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever.

I hope you like the photos as much as me !

And of course I could not let this day end without wishing Happy Birthday to Alina, Abel, Adir and Akira.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Cookie grandfather in movie Marley and Me

Do you know the wonderful story of Marley, by John Grogan ? if not, by it and read it !!

They now will make a movie about this emotional and true story.

And guess who was invited for one of the roles ? Jake, the grandfather of our naughty Cookie

Congratulations Amy and Jake !