Thursday, June 26, 2008

How I teach my dog to release in the proper place

In the current society, where people struggle for the rights to have dogs and live in the middle of other people, I think it is time to make some adjustments to old ideas.

There are several solutions that provide a simple, clean way to have dogs and don’t offend neighbours or even to have problems in taking the dog out. Beginning with the simple bag to pick up the droppings and going to the use of litter boxes.

For my point of view, for those who live in the middle of cities and work long hours, the litter box is the ideal solution. Not only provides the place where the dog can go in our absence, but also provides a clean way to have dogs. This is the future solution for all dog owners !

Like one vendor says in his website: "No matter the delay, problem or emergency your doggie will always have a clean, safe place to do their business... and no more "accidents" for you to clean-up!"

To train the dog to use the method of the litter box is quite easier then to demand for him to wait until we arrive home. Just attention of the owner and quick way in putting the puppy in the proper place when he starts to go to the release position, is enough to teach him.
Don’t forget that each dog is different, and for some it is quite a simple thing to learn, but for others just persistence, patience and even our effort to get up several times at night will teach the puppy the right way.

Every time we go to the street we must not only take the proper bags to pick up the droppings, but also to try to take the dogs to places where we don’t bother anyone … a difficult task in the middle of cities.

Remember that puppies take some time to develop the control of their physical needs and hit or punish the puppy doesn’t solve that. Patience and most of the time just the timing to avoid accidents is the best solution. If he can’t hold all night, then restrict the space and get up 3 or 5 times until he can.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Angel and Teco, the two ambassador of our family

Our two Australian Shepherd, Angel and Teco, this month, have worked hard to show what this breed can work.

Tecoin his amazing temperament and kindness has worked once more in a demonstration with children at the school of Vila do Bispo

australian shepherd in children school
australian shepherd in children school
australian shepherd in children school
australian shepherd in children school

and in two demonstrations in CIC Lagos center..

australian shepherd in children school
australian shepherd in children school
australian shepherd in children school

Angel showed twice her abilities in the Agility track at demonstrations to our municipal vets of Portimão and Lagos in CIC Lagos center.

australian shepherd in agility
australian shepherd in agility
australian shepherd in agility
australian shepherd in agility
australian shepherd in agility
All this demonstrations and school visits were provided by CIC Lagos – Canine Training Center of Lagos.

CIC-Lagos team

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Monday, June 16, 2008

A trip to the São Domingos Mine with our Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd in São Domingos Mines

Me, my son and Teco, my Australian Shepherd, in São Domingos Mines

On this weekend me, my son and my Australian Shepherd, Teco went to visit some friends in the little-known fluvial rural town of São Domingos Mine.

Australian Shepherd in São Domingos Mines
Teco, my Australian Shepherd, in São Domingos Mines

The trip was a long one, since we are more then 2 hours drive distance. But for sure it is worth it, since the peaceful town and quite fresh waters, gave to us an excellent day.

São Domingos Mines
Me, my son in São Domingos Mines

A little information about this town:

São Domingos Mines

Australian Shepherd in São Domingos Mines
Me, my son and Teco, my Australian Shepherd, in a visit to the mines

This town has been now renovated and has to offer five stars accommodation, a well signal visit to the mines ruins and restaurants with traditional gastronomy.

Australian Shepherd in São Domingos Mines
For those who don’t like the heavy tourist season, the month of July and August are a big No, since its terribly full of people. But in the remaining year is a lovely very quite town to visit and if you are lucky with the weather then you will be all day enjoying the quite waters.

Australian Shepherd in São Domingos MinesThe mines were exploited initially by the Romans. They were re-discovered in the middle of the XIX century and functioned until the mid-XX century, under concession to an English company. To stress the importance of the mines, James Mason, one of the partners in the business, received titles of the nobility from Dom Luís and Dom Carlos, namely those of Baron of Pomarão, Viscount of Mason of São Domingos and Count of Pomarão.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

New article: Dogs and children

On the 1 of June we celebrated the Children Day and I choose to publish an article about what I do regarding taking care of my dogs and children.

A) Bring a Dog to a family with children

B) Children and strange dogs on the street

C) Bring a baby into a family with dogs

To read the article click here or see our website

Monday, June 02, 2008

How an Australian Shepherd came to my life

How an Australian Shepherd came to my life

The decision to keep an Australian Shepherd was more driven by love then by rationality.

But let star by the beginning. A friend at a time ask me to keep a small Aussie until a owner would be found for the puppy.

As a favor I accept her request and driven by curiosity I start to google search what was the characteristics of the breed. I would have to stay that I was scare by what I read and my first feeling was to help this friend to find has soon as possible an owner to the puppy.
I have to add that the main thing that scare me was the time needed to take care of this working breed and the tendency that they had for destruction when didn’t get the attention.
At the time I was out of home about 12 hours a day, so for my point of view was quite impossible to fill the Australian Shepherd request for attention.

When Teco came my first thought was that he seamed a pom-pom or a teddy bear all full of fluffy hair. I carefully introduce him to the two Golden Retriever that I had, since it would be their task to take care of him when I was away at work.

This small Australian Shepherd was a patience test, since he was full of energy and every thing was good to play, steal and start a game (see this story that I did at the time).
But little by little this little Aussie enter my heart with is adoration eyes, will to play and always good mode that made me laugh.

The games and little commands that I started to teach him were always eager and joyfully accepted. He was always hoping, asking and happy for a little of attention and always giving a big reward with is happiness, following me everywhere.

Also it isn’t a breed that drives away when call. Wanting and keeping always close to the owner when in big walks and giving his full attention in training or in games.

Well after about two months I was surrender to this puppy and for my big happiness my friend allowed me to keep the little Aussie and he becomes my working companion.

Teco today I considered my DOG, the one that I trust and enjoy to take every place with me. He only fails a little in that period of the females when his male hormones speak louder … but oh well a men thing …

After three Australian Shepherd later and big changes in my life, I still consider that a Australian Shepherd is a dog for a special owner. I don’t personally advise easily an Australian Shepherd and requests a lot for possible owners.