Friday, May 23, 2008

Taking a Golden Retriever to the fortress of Sagres

Sagres, Algarve
Golden Retriever in Sagres, AlgarveBri, my Golden Retriever in Sagres, Algarve
Sagres is a memorial place, with it’s high rocks, scary sea fronts and position in the most western point of Europe.

In nice calm days a walk to the fort of Sagres is recommended to the all family and allows us to go back in time to the glorious discoveries times.

I took my son and my Golden Retriever, Bri, to a visit in this remarkable place and my son love the sea views, the fort high walls and canons.

So it was a well spent day for all of us !

Golden Retriever in Sagres

Me and Bri, my Golden Retriever, in Sagres, Algarve

Golden Retriever in Sagres
Golden Retriever in Sagres

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos !

I didn't knew about such place.

Thanks for sharing the place and your lovely Golden Retriever.