Thursday, May 28, 2009

Algarve Dog Show

Algarve Dog Show

Saturday May 30th and Sunday May 31st 2009

11:00 – 19:00 In FATACIL Showground

On this fair you will be able to see obedience, agility, workshops and seminars of dog handling and even have free consultations with two dog behavior experts.

Beginning at 11:30 h this and seminars will be freely given to a limited number of participants that bring their own dog. Some topics will be “Walking on the lead”, “Obedience – Clicker Training” and “Agility”.

This experts will also give free behavior advices and training tips.

With the goal to raise public awareness of the advantages of having well trained dogs and be responsible owners, this event is organized by
Myfriend Petshop and Centro Canino Happy Dogs, that invites everyone to come.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Brad !!

golden retriever

Happy Birthday Brad !!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Algarve dog training center

Algarve dog training center

Algarve dog Training Center Happy Dogs

On the past last month our four leg family has being training on theAlgarve dog training center Algarve Training Center, Happy Dogs.

Located on the middle of a peaceful country site, has been a very relaxing positive learning experience.

Angel, my red-merle Australian Shepherd, like always, has being training agility and the we are using our recent learned training methods. A lot of work still has to been done, but we are getting there.

Cookie and Teco, my tri-red and blue merle Australian Shepherd, are training for our next Obedience goal, class two and Teco has being improving a lot since we started applying the methods learned on the Obedience Seminar given by Doggy Club. So big expectation on our net Obedience trial.

Algarve dog training center

Algarve dog training centerBianca, my Golden Retriever, at the Algarve dog Training Center Happy Dogs
And finally, Bianca, my puppy Golden Retriever started to go. She is being trained by me and by my son, in Obedience. Since this is a very sensitive dog, I believe will take some time, but she will get there, since she is very calm, clever and likes to work.

Afonso Horta
São Lourenço do Palmeiral, 531 L
8565-911 Pêra
Tel: 282 322 907/ 937 584 457

Algarve dog training center
Algarve dog training center
Algarve dog training center
Algarve dog Training Center Happy Dogs

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don’t abandon animals !!

Don’t abandon animals

This week I will dedicate my weekly topic to the nearby holiday season and therefore animal abandon syndrome.

Maybe because of the way I was educated and taught, the simple idea of abandon anyone, animal or person, is quite repulsive to me.

But in a world where self pleasure and material goals are in front of everything, I see right and wrong far and far away in people’s ideas.

So basically, when people have to choose between … let see … an holiday in a resort or their family pet, what do they choose ? guess ? no ?

Ok, but let’s not generalize, so for those who really love their pet and care about their four leg family member, what can they do when they want to go on holiday ?

Like everyone knows, today, hotel for cats and dogs are relative common and you can find one in a telephone list. But for people, like me, that have more than one dog, and other pets, like birds and fish, pet-sitting is a good solution and if you search it on google you also see quite a few results and solutions.

There is always a solution for your pet to be taking care during your vacation and you always have your loyal best friend waiting for your return, so don’t abandon animals and specially don’t consider your pets as objects, since for then, you are their world and their life.

Monday, May 04, 2009

An Australian Shepherd in Armona Island

Australian Shepherd in Armona Island
Me and Cookie, my Australian Shepherd, in ferry boat to Armona IslandSince yesterday was 3 of May, Mothers Day, I thought that me and my son should make the most of the day and go into one of those discovery trips.

I already had heard a lot about the Natural Park of Ria Formosa and the first intention was to know and show it to my son, and so we went to Olhão. Of course, without a lot of surprise, dogs weren’t allowed and since I was with my Australian Shepherd, Cookie, I decided to investigate the boats to the island, which some people had also spoke about.

Australian Shepherd in Armona Island
Me and Cookie, my Australian Shepherd, in Armona Island beach

Ferry boat to Armona IslandFerry Boat to Armona Island beach
We arrived just on time of the ferry boat leaving and sincerely without knowing its destiny we just went on board and trust our luck.

Now, for my surprise, the trip with animals is something quite common to the visitors and locals habitants of the island of Armona and I imagine my question about Cookie being allowed raised more surprise that the fact of me taking her.

Australian Shepherd in Armona Island
Cookie, my Australian Shepherd, in Armona Island beach

Australian Shepherd in Armona IslandMe and Cookie, my Australian Shepherd, near Armona Island houses
The island of Armona is one of the most peaceful places that I ever meat until today and taking the words out of my son mouth, the birds is what we hear most on the island.

The little houses, so I was tolded, are quite habitated and the island has a permanent population of turism and fishing workers.

Australian Shepherd in Armona Island
My son and Cookie in a cofe shop at Armona Island beach

Australian Shepherd in Armona IslandCookie, my Australian Shepherd, in Armona Island
A trip to stay in our memories, since my Cookie, behaved like a true lady (even being her first boat trip) and was always obedient when I call her and stayed always near me. She is becoming a true companion in trips and travels, since she is reliable and we can always trust her.

Personally I love the area, the calm and peace, considering an idyllic excellent place to recover strength and energy from the noise and daily stress.

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