Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Demos in VI Animal Show

VI Animal Show
On this weekend took place the VI Animal Show, on Jardim Almeida Garrett, in Portela (Loures).

These initiatives are created with the goal to promote and educate the population in their relation with their pets.

Since the dog is the pet more adopted by the families has their 4 leg companion, it is on him that this kind of events is more focus.

Pedro Araujo, Doggy Clube in Obedience

Pedro Araújo of Doggy Clube presented by João Sá, of the Os Cãogurus, the school that organized the event

As such, in this event, several schools, associations and other entities were represented and it was possible to watch a demonstration of physical therapy and its benefits organized by the Monte dos Vendavais, watch a demonstration of obedience organized by Os Cãogurus, where the Obedience National Champion made a demo temperate by a Frisbee game, and watch a agility demonstration also organized by the school Os Cãogurus.

Pedro Araujo, Doggy Clube in Obedience
João Sá of Os Cãogurus presents Pedro Araújo of Doggy Clube in a very excitement demo of Obedience and Frisbee

Other initiatives, like adoption of animals, interaction with animal, like rabbits, ponies and horses (made available by Escola Profissional Agrícola D. DINIS - Paiã), were also available to the visitors.

Me and my sun, as members of the team Os Cãogurus, couldn’t have ceased to be at this event to help represent the school.

For my sun it was a very positive experience, because, until now, no working or showing attitude was requested to him as a representative of his work with Bianca, his Golden Retriever.

golden retriever in agility
My sun and Bianca, his Golden Retriever, in the Agility demonstration

Of course, not all was gold, since as a child, he was extremely exited with the games that were available for the kids in the event, or he was exited with riding the horse and ponies, or he was exited with the other animals like rabbits, or … So it was difficult for him to calm down and focus on the important task of represent the club and some exercises were forgotten (I hope the master wasn’t to mad).

teco, bianca and my sun
Teco, Bianca, my sun and a little friend

But to be fair, Bianca in her Golden Retrievernature and in the middle of much pamper from the children also forgets to turn off the “pamper” mode and turn on the “working” mode, so she doesn’t focus on the demanding tasks (yes a lot of patience is required) and so adding the Bianca excitement with my sun excitement we got ...

Well, but his mother wasn’t exactly perfect and she is older and experience.

australian shepherd in obedience

It is never easy to work with dogs in a middle of a crowd and with extra distractions like smells, other animals and females in that “hiper appealing” phase, is lesser easier. So in the obedience demo, me and Teco, my Australian Shepherd, on the first day wasn’t so bad, but on the 2º day he wasn’t foul by the tasty rewards and the “hiper appealing” colleague odour attract him (I thought in placing a nose mask) and his work was far from good (oh, well, now the master can shoot us).

australian shepherd in agility
Angel, my Australian Shepherd in the agility demonstration

At this stage I thought that Angel, my Australian Shepherd, would save our good name and represent us in a glorious manner … but or her owner, like a crooked head she sometimes is, got wrong in leading, or the distractions were so many that we couldn’t got the slalom right, witch left us frustrated and very sad.

Well, we went, make our presence, showed will and tried to shine ... only it was a very low fainted shine ... << sigh >>

Pedro Araújo of Doggy Clube in a very excitement demo of Obedience and Frisbee

Anyway it was always a learning experience and we only have to thank our presence to the school Os Cãogurus and to the organization by Câmara Municipal de Loures.

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