Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan in our thoughts and prays

japan animals

I believe that most of us are following with great concern Japan nuclear crisis and the rescue missions to the tsunami and earthquake affected areas.

Not only people, but also animals, are victims of this catastrophe and were a week ago all was normal, today doesn't exist anymore.

So today, I pray they can solve this terrifying nuclear problem and finally to start being able to rebuild their devastated land.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Pets in a new 3D virtual world

Review about virtual pets, Nintendogs + Cats 3DS
Nintendogs + Cats 3DS

As someone that has dogs and occasionally breeds them, I sometimes face with people that the first thing they ask, do they shade a lot ? do they make much noise ? are they over exited ? ...
Those questions most of the times make me throw the answer, buy a toy, instead.

Now, with a new 3D potable technology being released, guess what ... many people will buy virtual pets instead ... or maybe not ...

Nintendogs + Cats 3DS

Anyway, imagine a portable world, where we begin by choosing a puppy from one of several breeds. Some puppies are outgoing and friendly, while others are selfish and stubborn. Each puppy temperament provides it's own unique set of training issues but their end results can be rewarding. Once you have selected your puppy, you will bring it home and start to bond with it. Using the stylus and touch pad you scratch the puppy's ears and rub its belly in order to welcome the puppy into your home and make it feel safe.

Next, you can take advantage of the in-play microphone by naming your dog and repeatedly calling it by its name till it understands you. As you continue through the game you are encouraged to train your dog and teach it tricks so the use of the mic is not a one-time deal. You will be calling out commands to your dog as well as its name, again, taking full advantage of the DS's tricks. As you continue to work with your dog, you will find that once you have brought a puppy into your home, it does require love and constant attention. In fact neglecting the puppy and not playing with it on a regular basis will breed the kind of dog we don't want.

Nintendogs + Cats 3DS

The more you work with your dog the healthier and stronger it becomes allowing for longer play time and training. You will eventually find yourself walking around to parks and training facilities. Go to the park and begin your Frisbee playing. Go to the training facility and work on those tricks. Get where I'm going with this? Eventually you will enter your dog into competitions and begin winning prize money. Money you can use to buy items and dog toys and ... more puppies!

Now this cute and cuddly Nintendogs of the DS era have been brought to life in the new game for the Nintendo 3DS !

And with they more realistic features they will also allow
* Visualize your pet in 3D
* Pets interact with the owner via the Nintendo 3DS camera
* Features Facial recognition technology
* Exchange Pets via StreetPass
* Pets can mimic their owner
* Augmented reality feature

So, maybe many lonely people without the patience to have real pets, should consider this new technology solution that allow them to love, care, train and even show their pet ;)

Nintendogs + Cats 3DS