Monday, March 30, 2009

Marley & Me

On this weekend I took my sun to see the Marley and Me movie.

I must say has a big fan of the book, I can honestly say that movie also achieved to transmit the main message, the love and companionship of a dog and his owner.

What I admire more in the book was the persistence and will of Marley owner to keep him and even through all the adversities of life and Marley mistakes, until the end they keep him and love him.

I must say I took my 7 year old sun to see the movie and in the end he ask me why I took him to see a movie where the dog dies and I answered, for you to learn to appreciate more our four leg family that don’t ask more than company, play and that we taken then to a run.

Don’t forget to keep a look out for the Australian Shepherd in the beach scenes.

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