Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Golden Retriever first presentation

Golden Retriever

This weekend was quite different for my little Golden Retriever, Bianca.

Let see, the weekend started with the trip to the training center with the aussies, and thankfully I didn’t pursuit the idea of taken Bianca with me, or with all of the weekend excitement she could have not be able to handle it.

But maybe I didn’t started the story in the best way ... Bianca, a Golden Retriever, is one of those dogs type princess, very calm, noble, without getting into confusion or trouble and she doesn’t seem to have her young 6 months.

Her faults are regarding cars and car trips that she really doesn’t like. Changes on her routine also makes her confused.

Well this weekend I was challenged by a friend to take her and her sister to the International Dog Show Costa Azul, and the routine started to change on Saturday afternoon, with bath, grooming and preparing this Golden princess, that really hates the hair dryer witch almost made her climb walls.

Her sister also come to take a bath, being groomed and dried and she also must have call me some ugly names, since she also hated the hair drier.

But all set, the sister prepared, and we manage to keep then clean, pretty and ready until 5 a.m. when my friend come to pick us up.

Well I must give credit to the girls that were behaving quite well and no sickness problems. We stop in Alcácer do Sal and that was our finish line, since the car didn’t start again.

So, from a trip to a dog show to present this two Golden Retriever, we had a four hour waiting for travel assistance and then a cab that would bring us plus dogs back home.

We could still manage a ball game for the girls … that I really hope didn’t become to traumatized with all this moving around and switching cars.

Oh well, this is those kind of things that just happens to those that take several long trips on the road.

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