Thursday, March 26, 2009

A life lesson that my little Aussie theach

On this weekend there was the 1º Obedience Trial here in Lagos, and with the goal of achieving good points and position I went to participate.

Since the different classes where divided along the day, I went in the morning with Teco and had my first shock with my dog.

Let see if I can explain, Teco is an Australian Shepherd and the dog that made the difference in my life by the simple joy and will to be with me and to play with me.
When I kept Teco is for seeing in his eyes what we search so much in another person, the pure joy to be with us.

On this Sunday, Teco, in his doggy way ignore me and show censorship on his behavior.
I confess just today, with a broken heart and calm to look back I understand the mistake I made.

I demanded from my dog, my true companion and friend, to be a machine, where every day it has to work and achieved perfection. I forgot of my small joyful, loyal companion that so much joy show for his owner despite of the many mistakes she makes.

Our search for perfection, wish of conquers and in the end, fear of losing and get hurt just throw away the little joyful moments of who shares the life with us.

Once again this four leg friends showed me an important lesson of life and even with a broken heart it is on then that I see the joy of living and will of every day start again.

So I hope my lesson, will also be a lesson for those who read my blog, and like me don’t forget that first of all there is the need to play, to be tender and love before demanding.

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