Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back Stage of a Dog Show – 3º Chapter “Final Preparations”

Continuing our last two weeks topics with the start at the Planning of a Dog Show, following List of Items necessary to take to a Dog Show we now go to the last details before we get in the car and go.

1º Training

As you can guess, at this time we already have some weeks of intense ring or handling training.

The main, in my opinion, is to make the dogs stay on the stand position for a long time and this has to be trained several times.

2º Clothe

Since I handle and show my dogs I have to be careful in choosing the clothes. If necessary it has to be send to the cleaner.

I start to use a different outfit out of the ring and during the trip.

3º Leashes, coolers and dog bowls

Yes yes it is straight forward ... but I once forgot the leashes and was quite upset with myself.
So has soon I can I put on my trip bag. Also take an extra leash just in case one breaks.

4º Sleeping bag and blankets

One of the pleasures of sleeping out of the house is to use the sleeping bag and make an adventure from that.

The blankets is for the dogs to have their one sleeping place and to cover the boxes at the exhibit if and unnecessary noise.

5º Money and Documents

At this stage is to put the necessary amount and dogs, car and exhibit documents at our travel bag.

Don’t forget to check if all vaccines are up to date.

6º Fuel

Fill the car deposit on the day before and you avoid that extra minutes at the beginning of the trip.

Ok, now it is just go to the road and bring lots of prizes.

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