Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back Stage of a Dog Show – 1º Chapter “Planning”

This time I decided to do an exhaustive report and exam of what it cost to plan and then go to a Dog Show. I hope in the end the reader can understand what it takes to work and show dogs and all the effort and sacrifice necessary to do it.

So let’s start for the beginning.

1º Choosing to go or not to the Dog Show

Well this Dog Show is the first of 3 exhibits were a dog can win the Champion title or if you prefer the CAC-QC.
So it is natural to make an extra effort to go or you will lose your chance.

I will not bother you saying what I did and what I didn’t do to join the amount necessary to go to this dog show. I will just say that after a lot of analyzing and thinking the decision to go was taken.

2º Planning the time and costs

The next step is to take an idea of time and cost it will take to arrive to the dog show.
At this case, since I am in Algarve and I must go to Porto, it will be something like 7h drive with 3 stop of about 20-30 min for people and dogs to rest and walk a bit, distance 562 km

The Toll will be around 37.55 EUR and Petrol 51.69 EUR

Since I have to go and come back I put 200 EUR – 14h drive just to do this trip

3º Firs preparation - CAR

Since it is a long way I decided to do a full check up to my car, to be prepare and not have surprises (imagine to be broken on the road with 3 dogs). This was a cost of about 165 €

4º Now to pay the dog show and send our inscription in the first deed line

1 hour in the post office and 65 €

5º Find a place to sleep

Since I am not that crazy, make 14 h drive without a rest it is out of the question. So I asked a friend if I could sleep over the night before the dog show and since she kindly said yes, one less expense and something less to be stress about.

Ok this is the first steps for preparing to a dog show and everything is on the move !

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