Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back Stage of a Dog Show – 2º Chapter “List of Items”

Continuing our last week topic with the Planning of a Dog Show, we now go to do a list of items that we need to take and buy to that dog show.

1º Cleaning the Dogs

Well I think this is the real bases of presenting your dog, the bath.
Since this is a very long trip and I will work full time, this time I decided to ask some professional help to clean my dogs.

But usually this means buying shampoo, conditioner and softener. And be prepare to spend 3 to 4 hours preparing each dog.

In each case I always take with me cleaning towels (the some we use on babies) and conditioner to give shine to the fur before we enter the ring.

Brushes, combs and scissors are always mandatory items to take.

List: shampoo, softener, conditioner, cleaning towels, brushes, combs and scissors

2º Trip safety

I always take a medicine kit with me (I learned that with a dear friend and dog lover), because with dogs we never know and it isn’t the first time they step on something and get hurt.

So before I go I always check if it has all necessary items for the dogs and for people.

List: dressings, gauze, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, bandages, aspirin, cotton, alcohol

3º Food, Water and Drinks

Ok, you might think, I will buy something or off course we must take food.

But for me it is always a planning ahead since not all food are proper to take for quick or trip meals and you should always take plenty of water and some juices for you, since a dog show is a very long hours standing on your feet.

I also think that an exhibit food, is expensive and isn’t 100 % safe and becoming ill isn’t part of my plans.

Also if you spend a night out, you must take food for your dogs and of course this is mandatory.
Since I also worry with the long hours my dogs are on travel and sometimes waiting to get in, I also take some treats to keep they interested and happy.

List: sandwiches, juice, water, food for dogs, cookies, fruit, biscuits, coffee, treats,…

Ok this is my list of what I have to check and stock before I go on my way

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