Monday, June 02, 2008

How an Australian Shepherd came to my life

How an Australian Shepherd came to my life

The decision to keep an Australian Shepherd was more driven by love then by rationality.

But let star by the beginning. A friend at a time ask me to keep a small Aussie until a owner would be found for the puppy.

As a favor I accept her request and driven by curiosity I start to google search what was the characteristics of the breed. I would have to stay that I was scare by what I read and my first feeling was to help this friend to find has soon as possible an owner to the puppy.
I have to add that the main thing that scare me was the time needed to take care of this working breed and the tendency that they had for destruction when didn’t get the attention.
At the time I was out of home about 12 hours a day, so for my point of view was quite impossible to fill the Australian Shepherd request for attention.

When Teco came my first thought was that he seamed a pom-pom or a teddy bear all full of fluffy hair. I carefully introduce him to the two Golden Retriever that I had, since it would be their task to take care of him when I was away at work.

This small Australian Shepherd was a patience test, since he was full of energy and every thing was good to play, steal and start a game (see this story that I did at the time).
But little by little this little Aussie enter my heart with is adoration eyes, will to play and always good mode that made me laugh.

The games and little commands that I started to teach him were always eager and joyfully accepted. He was always hoping, asking and happy for a little of attention and always giving a big reward with is happiness, following me everywhere.

Also it isn’t a breed that drives away when call. Wanting and keeping always close to the owner when in big walks and giving his full attention in training or in games.

Well after about two months I was surrender to this puppy and for my big happiness my friend allowed me to keep the little Aussie and he becomes my working companion.

Teco today I considered my DOG, the one that I trust and enjoy to take every place with me. He only fails a little in that period of the females when his male hormones speak louder … but oh well a men thing …

After three Australian Shepherd later and big changes in my life, I still consider that a Australian Shepherd is a dog for a special owner. I don’t personally advise easily an Australian Shepherd and requests a lot for possible owners.


Stacey Huston said...

My husband has always ONLY has aussie's/ They are VERY loyal to their one owner..I just got MY first aussie pup. (a female) and I am amazed at just how loyal and easy she is to train. I have had her for a month now and keep her with me at all times to bond, but she is a joy and so well tempered I can take her anyplace. We also have a 4 yr old Jack Russell, that I trained, and she is a great dog, but I really did have to work to train her. the Aussies, seem to figure out what you want and are so eager to please.. thanks for sharing your story

Helena said...

Aussies are remarkable dogs !

But not for every person, since they require work and patience.

But for sure, who likes to work with dogs, an Australian Shepherd is the DOG to have.

Thanks for your lovely comment !