Thursday, June 26, 2008

How I teach my dog to release in the proper place

In the current society, where people struggle for the rights to have dogs and live in the middle of other people, I think it is time to make some adjustments to old ideas.

There are several solutions that provide a simple, clean way to have dogs and don’t offend neighbours or even to have problems in taking the dog out. Beginning with the simple bag to pick up the droppings and going to the use of litter boxes.

For my point of view, for those who live in the middle of cities and work long hours, the litter box is the ideal solution. Not only provides the place where the dog can go in our absence, but also provides a clean way to have dogs. This is the future solution for all dog owners !

Like one vendor says in his website: "No matter the delay, problem or emergency your doggie will always have a clean, safe place to do their business... and no more "accidents" for you to clean-up!"

To train the dog to use the method of the litter box is quite easier then to demand for him to wait until we arrive home. Just attention of the owner and quick way in putting the puppy in the proper place when he starts to go to the release position, is enough to teach him.
Don’t forget that each dog is different, and for some it is quite a simple thing to learn, but for others just persistence, patience and even our effort to get up several times at night will teach the puppy the right way.

Every time we go to the street we must not only take the proper bags to pick up the droppings, but also to try to take the dogs to places where we don’t bother anyone … a difficult task in the middle of cities.

Remember that puppies take some time to develop the control of their physical needs and hit or punish the puppy doesn’t solve that. Patience and most of the time just the timing to avoid accidents is the best solution. If he can’t hold all night, then restrict the space and get up 3 or 5 times until he can.

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Anonymous said...

Nice tips ! But I don't know if I can use them on my dog.

marry said...

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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