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Dog Trekking to Cabo Espichel

Article about Dog Trekking to Cabo Espichel

Australian Shepherd in Cabo Espichel
Teco, my Australian Shepherd ,in one of the views of the Atlantic Ocean

dog trekking in Cabo EspichelThis weekend there was a dog trekking to Cabo Espichel organized by the association Pé ante Pata. On this dog trekking I took my faithful Teco, my Australian Shepherd blue merle.
Cabo Espichel is located near Sesimbra, just take the path towards Sesimbra and follow the arrows.
My last visit was in my youth, taken by my parents and really had no recollection of this cable that enters the Atlantic Ocean.
The view is amazing because the landscape is arid and dotted with a few buildings surrounded by ocean.

Shrine of Our Lady of Mua Stone

The buildings are referred to the Shrine of Our Lady of Pedra Mua, and our guides mentioned a legend created to justify the remains of dinosaur footprints in the 18th century, and of course searching the net we find the so called legend,

Memory Chapel

Memory Chapel
Memory Chapel

Frei Agostinho of Santa Maria (17, Tomo II, p. 474) narrates it with details: «(…) claim that Our Lady appeared on the beach that lies beneath the same rock where he built Ermidinha, which appeared on her donkey, and that the donkey had climbed up the rock, and that it climbed using hands and feet and leaving printed traces of the hands and feet (…)». Stressing the «tradition of those who saw it stated, and the signs were timeworn», he adds that the Ermida «founded on the place were Our Lady stopped» and that the chapel «often undid the time; but the devotion of those who serve, reformed so many times, despite its rigors.»

Translated from the source: Cult Our Lady of the Cable in Wikipédia

So there is no doubt that this trips enrich us culturally ;)

Ok, from the historical and cultural part, we go into the trip itself …

As heavy rain fall on the night before, I was waiting until the last hour that this dog trekking was postponed and fear that on Sunday, only half a dozen people would show up. It surprised me, the sunny day and the number of people who came ... there is no doubt that these dog trekking have become a success and attracted many people.

Dog Trekking to Cabo Espichel

They are very pleasant walks in the midst of very nice people that make you feel very welcome. And despite of today that I feel like a 80 old women with very sore legs, I know that in the next dog trekking I will do my best to be there.

Dog Trekking to Cabo Espichel

Until today this is the dog trekking that demanded more from me and that wasn't due to the number of miles walked, but more to the status of the tracks were the rains open ditches and made mud rivers, that required more effort to overcome.

dinosaur footprints on Cabo Espichel
The local available information about the shrine and dinosaur footprints

dinosaur footprints on Cabo Espichel
The dinosaur footprints on very visible on the ground

Overall it was a trip with breathtaking views, in a nice friendly atmosphere, punctuated with challenges. Many thanks to the organization for this experience ;)

Dog Trekking to Cabo Espichel

Dog Trekking to Cabo Espichel

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