Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don’t abandon animals !!

Don’t abandon animals

This week I will dedicate my weekly topic to the nearby holiday season and therefore animal abandon syndrome.

Maybe because of the way I was educated and taught, the simple idea of abandon anyone, animal or person, is quite repulsive to me.

But in a world where self pleasure and material goals are in front of everything, I see right and wrong far and far away in people’s ideas.

So basically, when people have to choose between … let see … an holiday in a resort or their family pet, what do they choose ? guess ? no ?

Ok, but let’s not generalize, so for those who really love their pet and care about their four leg family member, what can they do when they want to go on holiday ?

Like everyone knows, today, hotel for cats and dogs are relative common and you can find one in a telephone list. But for people, like me, that have more than one dog, and other pets, like birds and fish, pet-sitting is a good solution and if you search it on google you also see quite a few results and solutions.

There is always a solution for your pet to be taking care during your vacation and you always have your loyal best friend waiting for your return, so don’t abandon animals and specially don’t consider your pets as objects, since for then, you are their world and their life.

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