Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New pet on the house …

You guess it ! I have another one … but this time of a different specie.

We got a Guinny Pig, witch we gave the name of Fofinho (Flufy) and it is my son “sleeping companion”, since it is more of his size and strength.

Ok ! The idea come from my son asking a replacement for his hamster that died some time ago. I was a little bit unwilling, but we got an agreement, he will sleep always in his room and I would get him a little friend to make him company.

Well, this was about three weeks ago and until now the deal is on !

Like every house shared by domestic “wolfs” and their “preys” some cares were taken and in any time they are near each other.
Even with the cage I decided to have a strong one, just in case an accident will occur.

Until now I must admit the creature is quite lovely and the special taste for vegetable and fruits give us pleasure and of course the need to interact with him.
After the first two days of being afraid and wondering if he was going to be dog/people food, he is now at home and already comes and asks for his treats.

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