Monday, July 21, 2008

Portuguese Water Dog in Lagos, Algarve

On this weekend in Lagos there was the 1º Dog show of Portuguese Water Dog and 1º Trial of Portuguese Water Dog in Lagos organized by Câmara Municipal de Lagos, Clube de Caçadores de Lagos, Associação para Protecção do Cãe de Água Português and Clube Português de Canicultura.

On Saturday I took Brad to the dog show and has a Golden Retriever he made the delights of those who pet and give him attention.

On Sunday I took Teco, that has an Australian Shepherd pass all morning trying to join the other dogs in retrieving objects from the water

Being trials of resistance and obedience, there are quite difficult and they were done in a sunny day and Algarve calm waters, so I can only imagine the difficult in ruff sea. But definitely is a delight to see this dogs diving and swimming with all the joy and practice of the breed.

In the end we went to a lunch were the prizes were given and the will of continue to protect and support the Portuguese Water Dog was declared.

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