Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Roadshow Nintendogs + Cats

From July 28 to August 24, the Roadshow Nintendogs+Cats, with the União Zoófila support, walk through the streets of Portugal with the aim to raise awareness of the Portuguese population towards a responsible adoption of dogs and cats, and also inform the raising of the abandon problem of domestic animals.

With a space exclusively dedicated to the adoption of dogs and cats, the União Zoófila makes known through photographs in 3D, showed in the Nintendo 3DS, some of their animals available for adoption. Those interested can choose the location where the pet is available for adoption and can contact directly União Zoófila to make their adoption. And because having a pet involves a high sense of responsibility and care, visitors of this space can also find tips and advice for caring for animals ranging from food, hygiene, education, socialization or exercise.
The União Zoófila, association of reference in Portugal in regards of assistance and protection of abandon dogs and cats, associates for the first time with a video game, with the aim of helping to prepare future adopters of a domestic animal and thus reduce the number of these abandoned animals in Portugal.

The start of the Campus Nintendogs+Cats 3DS is scheduled for July 28, in Praia da Torre in Oeiras. Until the 24th of August, will go the beaches of the Algarve and Figueira da Foz, which will have extra entertainment these days. For more information, visit www.nintendo3ds.com.pt, where you can find the map with the locations and times.

All those who do not know the game Nintendogs+Cats 3DS have the opportunity to try this tool to help you become aware of the responsibility associated with owning a pet because, similarly to what happens with a real animal, the player will have, among other responsibilities, to feed, walk, bathe, teach tricks or pamper your pet.

Source: http://gameover.sapo.pt/article.html?id=56279

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