Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Estoril Dog Show 2011

australian shepherd in estoril dog show
This weekend was my little Australian Shepherd debut in the Dog Show world.
It was an experience that started to be very strange for my little puppy and ended to be very enriching, since it was the first time he saw so many different dogs, so many people and walked so long with a leash.
His father and aunt went along to provide strength, company and show that to go to this places is “very cool”.

australian shepherd in estoril dog show

Of course, Angel and Teco, are ambassadors by excellence, since they nice behavior, joy to be with their owners and will to please is contagious. It isn’t every day we can see two dogs playing loose with a ball in an environment with lots of people and dogs.

australian shepherd in estoril dog show

My little one was 1º baby of the breed in both days. The performance of his first presentation was quite week, but he soon overcome that, and behaved quite well in the next performances.
His brother Dilan also showed on Saturday and behaved quite well, even being his first dog show, so all the credit goes to his owner Fernando, that has train and work with him.

australian shepherd in estoril dog show

And that is it ! A canine weekend, in my favorite show of the year, on the beautiful gardens of the Casino do Estoril, in the company of my friend Luis, that is also rendered to the Australian Shepherd friendship and companionship.

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Louisette said...

Wonderfull fotos, i love much Estoril, lovely country.
greeting from Belgium