Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A day in CNEMA 2010

cnema 2010
The Portugal Day started with rain and it was forecast to rain all day.

For most people, rain doesn’t affect them, but for us, showing dogs with long groomed hair, was not easy. Besides that, a rumor passed by that we weren’t allowed to park near the ring, so we were expecting to be all day under rain and walking thorough mud.

With all this, the will to go began to be very small !

Fortunately the organization allowed us to park near the showing ring, that provided a dry cover when it was raining, and properly parked, we didn’t need to go through the mud. A big relive for the exhibitors!

We had also luck in the moment that we show our dogs, since the rain stopped and some sun started to shown.

This was the dog show sector !

Monograph of the Portuguese Water Dog

Showing my Portuguese Water Dog, Figgo

In the agility sector everything went also on wheels. With the permission to park near the agility ring, it allowed the competitors and organizers to have the dogs near and, in the occasionally rain, to take shelter in the cars.

The CNEMA organization also provided some help during the trial that gave a big relief to the organizer club, Os Cãoguros, and added more flexibility in changing tracks and placing the obstacles and equipment. A very pleasant surprise for me !

Me and my Australian Shepherd, Angel, had the first competition experience and, if we don’t count my fall in the first track and licking bath by Angel, was a very positive one.

The opportunity to also participate in the organization of the trial gave a very rewarding experience, since only sharing and learning with other people, who compete in this sport for a long time, we learn valuable lessons.

In all, it was a very well spent day ;) only with very few photos :(

australian shepherd in agility

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