Wednesday, June 02, 2010

2010 – Say NO to abandonment of animals!!

Once again the summer is near and with it a new wave of laws to sacrifice the Portuguese population … financial difficult that goes from unemployment, over debt, income cuts and expenses increase are affecting people.

What can we say in front of this scenario? what to say to a people that calls himself evolved, in front of other foreign countries and treats so cruelly their pets ?

It seems that with the increase of our pleads and statements that animals deserve their owner in this world and dedication from their owners, less people show any effort to keep them.

So, once again I underline,
A dog is no just a dog !
A cat is not just a cat !

And it is also in the way we treat the animals that are OUR RESPONSIBILITY !! that reflects the way we will be treated on our Judgement Day !

Remember that next time you think in abandon your pet !

animal abandonment

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