Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What you should know before breeding

Well I read somewhere a story about a couple that had bought 2 very expensive high pedigree dogs hopping at the end of two years start earning some money with the litters. You can imagine how the story ends … lot of money and time spend.

Ok with now having puppies with 7 weeks, I can honestly say that I am going through a period like that couple. But in my case, I only intend to earn enough to pay my expenses and it will be far from that.

What I learn ? well breeding is not for someone that as soft hart, full time job and with lot of silly other expenses like rent, schooling, car, veterinary, other dogs and food.

I began to make a journal of my expenses and at this point I had to gave up, since I was starting to feel miserable and very poor.

But money considerations apart, you also should know that if you have a full time job, prepare your self for not sleeping well, having to get up 1,30 h early, no time do lunch and having no time for your self at the end of the day. At this stage the puppies don’t want to be in the litter box, so you can imagine what is to have 8 healthy big golden retriever puppies running around the house.

Of course you also have to count with annoying phone calls, emails and responses to adds that drives you nuts. You will hear and read everything you can imagine !!!

Oh, and don’t forget to put together newspaper one year in advance and that way you don’t have to ask every one you know for newspapers please.

Of course it is a joy to see them play, having 8 puppies asking for attention and when you give newspapers, to have 8 chewing machines enjoying the world in destroying does lovely “diapers”.

But I think when this is over, the puppies happy with their new owners and I will be able to enjoy a full, silent, restful night I will think more then half a dozen times before having news puppies at the house.

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