Thursday, November 06, 2008

Water Parks and Dogs

You can say lousy bad things about the Americans and even start to say to your family and friends that they are convinced and bla bla bla … But why I don’t see such a wonderful event and initiative in our sunny European lands, that grab about the sunny sky and blue waters.
At this moment I really wish to be also an American …

November means fun in the water! Broward County Parks and Recreation Division is hosting the K-9 Water Festivals!

All dogs, 4 months and older are invited to have a splashing good time at selected county parks. The parks will provide plenty of toys and balls during the festivals. “Doggie” Ice cream, food and beverages for human consumption will be available for sale.


More information:,0,454512.story

Hopefully maybe this call of attention will reach some of our tourist providers and will make them think in new ways to improve and continue to work also in low season. I believe that the market exist, what doesn’t exist is initiative and will to be different in this corner of Europe.

For me I only have left the opportunity of delight with this wonderful photos, genteelly given by Amy of Mercury Aussies, with her Australian Shepherd having a great time in the water parks.

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