Monday, April 28, 2008

Herding with our Australian Shepherd in Montemor-oNovo

herding with australian shepherd

On the Last Weekend there was an International Meeting of shepherd dogs in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal, and we had the chance to go on the 25 of April to try out the initial herding with our Australian Shepherd.

So we pack everything in and there we went for about a 4 hour drive.

herding with australian shepherd
We went through beautiful green fields and could enjoy our Alentejo after a rain season that left full of yellow and purple flours in the meddle of green plains and oak trees.

Herdade do Freixo is a big ecological farm and in the words of my son was full of animals, like pigs, sheep, donkeys and a few horses that gave a characteristically smell.

herding with australian shepherd
After a small debate about the state of herding initiatives and schools in Portugal, a nice couple of Trás-os-Montes (way north of Portugal) that has a hotel and farm, Quinta Equestre da Sardoeira ,by them self were kind to give me and my Australian Shepherd an introduction to herding.

herding with australian shepherd

As expected, Teco who had the chance to try and enjoy before herding, was exited enough to jump over the gate near the sheep and show what is truly brave full heart of an Australian Shepherd. This is my BOY !!!

Angel was interested but thinking, what is intend to do with this ? and she just kept looking at me for a hint and I was like “how can I explain …”

Cookie was also interested but she thought that they were to big … I suppose they are for a 6 month puppy.

In the end, like always I just had the feeling if I had the chance of go to a school I could teach my aussies to herd, since they have the interest and the feeling in the right place.

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Scott McLean said...

hello. how are you? i also like dogs and our family has a black lab. she is fun and funny sometimes, but loves food, too many to count. hahaha

Helena said...

Hi Scott

Thanks for the nice comment !

In fact dogs are the most loyal and lovely family members.

So I am glad that you are one of the lucky ones to have such family member, even if she loves food.