Monday, April 07, 2008

A careful planning

On this weekend I learned a hard lesson! It is difficult some times just to predict and go, even after all carefully planned and even carefully booked.

I supposed this could use an explanation … so lets explain then …

Even to start planning a dog show, I usually make a mental list :

1) Vaccines

2) Ring training

3) Inscriptions on the most early time to pay the most possible low feed

4) Champôs, hair softeners and conditioners

5) The day off before the dog show to wash, dry and prepare the dogs that go to the dog show

6) Money for the trip

7) Route map to the dog show

8) Ring number and hours to enter

9) Food and water

10) Boxes, blanket, chairs, bowl

11) Brushes, towels, wipes, medical kit

12) Leashes, collars, scissors and biscuits

13) Car cleaning

14) Clothing and presentation

Ok, after all is set up and planned we aught to think, just remain to go …

This weekend I learned a lesson, never say impossible not to go … since life teaches us the lesson in the hardest way.

About two days before my son started to feel abdomen pain with high fever and we went to the hospital emergencies were appendices was diagnostic. He was admitted into the hospital, operated, treated and medicated during three days and now he is at home recovering of this enormous scary event.

And all the carefully months planning’s and money spent on inscriptions were down the drain just has a life lesson teaching us not to be that confident and to be humble with life.


Anonymous said...

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Portugal News said...

I am sorry what occur ... but the important thing is for your son to be ok now.

Good luck next time !

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