Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Australian Shepherd, Cookie grandfather, Jake - Day 1 filming

Story and photos taken by Amy Boxer from Mercury Aussies

"Jake is making his big debut on the silver screen this December! He is going to be in "Marley and Me" (after the book) and its set to be released December 2008.
Jake is doing all the "beach scenes"...

Jake was in ALL the scenes shot today. One scene he played a very prominent role with me. We were in a scene where Owen Wilson and Eric Dane were walking down the beach chasing an adorable Lab puppy (Marley) and Jake was one of two dogs in the scene... One dog was doing a down stay and the puppy ran up to it and Jake and I played fetch in the ocean... for an hour they shot the scene over and over... Jake was a trooper, he retrieved his toy endlessly with nice big jumps into the ocean! He was having a ball retrieving, despite the fact that I could not even say a word to him (since all but the two stars are silent while filming)... GOOD boy!

Then we were walking in scenes or "hanging out" at the beach! ... Next shooting day is Thursday.... It was too cool... there was paparazzi in boats speeding by and police chasing them away.... incredibly fun.... I sure love Jake for the chance he has given us to do these neat things!

Anyhow, its a closed set and they are super nuts about NO PHOTOS... which stinks but I guess it will be worth it if he is on a movie in the long run.

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