Monday, March 17, 2008

Australian Shepherd, Angel and Teco, on the 5º Journey

The Association Friend of Rottweiler organize the 5º Jorney of Education, Socialization and Training, that I, Teco and Angel were proud to be there and participate.

The event took place in the excelent facilities of the canine center Dog Spa

As to be expected the first subject of the agenda was the new law that they are preparing for the potential dangerous breeds. The revolt, and especially the sadness, was in everyone hearts.

After it followed a small presentation with an attempt to conscience and inform people the need to educate and train their dogs, and leave the breading to the people that try to beneficiate the breed.

The practical session followed and several dogs were introduced by the owners that wanted to have an informal evaluation of the character and education of their dogs.
As far I could see all dogs were nice, social with people, children and other dogs, but naughty, since when they were loose, they start walking without obeying the owner.

In conclusion all dogs were very nice, educated, but could use a little training to obey the owners and do some simple commands.

In the end, me and Angel took advantage of the Agility course before the draw of the Hill’s gifts, that I have the luck to win, and it was a very nice brushing set.

Other activities:


Akinogal said...
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Anonymous said...

Lovely !

I love all the stories of your blog and family.

Anonymous said...

I loved the overview of your Journey !

The photos and all your dogs are just stunning

Congratulations !

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