Thursday, September 01, 2016

Exhibit for dogs

Dominic Wilcox is British designer and inventor that creates unique and innovated objects and ideas.

In one of his ideas he created on the South of London an exhibit for our 4 leg companions.

The works on the exhibit have the goal to provide interactive experiences to the dogs

visible paintings for dogs

Onde of the ideas is a car window simulator where a giant fan wafts a dog's favourite scents, like raw meat and old shoes.

car window simulator

Another one is a dog-friendly ball pool. For this installation, Wilcox created a giant dog bowl and filled it with brown balls designed to look like dog biscuits.

ball pool

In another a TV simulates a frisbee bouncing around.

televisor com frisbee

In the end the goal of the artist was to provide a playful interactive experience for the dog audience.
dominic wilcox

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