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Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd | Aussie

australian shepherd blue merle

The origin of this breed as generate a lot of discussion and controversial, but what is settled is it's recognition came from America.
It is believe that the Aussie origin were the shepherd dogs that settled brought to the New World, were breading was made with the only goal to bring up it's working characteristics, shepherd, guard and fast thinking.

australian shepherd tri-red

The main impeller to the recognition of this dogs was an actor/trainer, Jay Sisler, of shows that use Aussies, or Blue Dogs as were the now, as show partners.

Only in 18 of April pf 1991, Australian Shepherd was recognized as a bread by American Kennel Club.

Australian Shepherd and Golden RetrieverCharacteristics

Aussie is a owner devoted dog that needs training, attention and contact with people.
It isn't a dog to put aside in the yard !

It is a dog that follows the owner through every room and loves to lay down at his feet. This characteristic may be rewarding, since we are never alone, and we have always some one near us, but can also be disturbing, since implies too have a shadow that needs attention and even follow us to the WC.

Dew to his strong working genetic component, this breed needs exercise, attention and training. If that isn't done or even not follow every day, the Aussies may became destructive or imagine form of escape or other ways to reach what he wants.

They are atletic, curiose dogs, great for physical activities, like agility, frisbee, flyball ...

australian shepherd red merle

Guard and alert for presence of strangers and even defend in case of invasion of their territory.

Don't adapt well to sedentary life and only tolerate a residence in a apartment if follow by a dedicated owner that is ready for physical activities.

Their quick thinking many times overcomes the owner.

Has many hear and is a moderate shaver that requires regular brushing.

australian shepherd blue merle


SIZE: The ideal size is 51-58 cm for males and 46-54 cm for females.

COR: Blue-merle, Red-merle, black, and red his colors, with or without white spots and/or cobber spots. The white collar must not go below the cernelha. The white is tolerated in the neck (partial or forming a complete collar), in chest, legs, lower face, straps in head, and may go lower part until reaches 10 cm measure horizontally by elbow. The head white must not dominate the eyes that must be surrounded by colorful areas. The Merles, characteristically become darker with age.

Coat: Texture and size medium.

Other references

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Books about the breed:

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by Liz Palika (2003, Howell Book House).

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