Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Animals forbiden on the beaches

On the other day a saw a news that the maritime police was passing fines to the owners that take their dogs to the beaches.

In spite I being a believer that all laws should be follows by everyone, I am in total disagreement with this law. One thing was to oversee the owners complied with the basic rules of hygiene, which should indeed be meat anywhere in the public streets, another is to fine people that take their companions.

Many argue that dogs are a risk to public health, forgetting that the greatest risk to public health are the very people who leave their trash, and yes, let the children, when they do not do themselves, relieve on the beaches . One day someone will explain were animals are worst then people.

Fact is, people that have their pets, should be responsible for them in all places. Now to forbid people that obey the law and follow the rules to be with their four leg friends it isn’t right.

And yes, those that follow the rules and like animals have the some right that everyone else.

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