Thursday, May 31, 2012

Australian Shepherd in Cowboys vs Aliens

Cowboys Vs Aliens
Cowboys Vs Aliens is a movie that I wanted to see, since it was release for the cinema. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the time, so I just waited for it to be available on DVD. Like all new DVD, it was expensive and I waited for a low price.

Anyway I finally bought the film, and as expected, it is a very nice movie with very good actors. Who doesn’t love to see Harrison Ford acting in a movie ?

But my surprise was another actor … an Australian Shepherd that has a big role and follows the cowboys against the aliens.

I just love to see the Aussie, since there were several times that I made the picture of cowboys having the Australian Shepherd around to help them in herding the cows. And viola, another cowboy movie with the Aussie !

So, Australian Shepherd fans, go, and see the movie !

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