Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dogs in Portugal has Talent

Portugal has TalentThis week we had the opportunity to be cheerleaders for our Agility friends who participated in the program "Portugal has Talent".

This program is intended to be a Portuguese version of the international program “Got Talent” but, in my opinion, the similarities end there. On the contrary of what happens outside, where the jury is chosen by their professional experience, and mainly, their academic formation and expertise area, here the jury is chosen because they belong to the so call “vip” category created by the common named “pink magazines”.

But, like everything in life, all of us can give opinion and express our likes and dislikes and therefore to choose the most appealing image, harmonious sound and what excite us.

And therefore my ability to assess is what it is !

Personally I think it was a very important experience to me and my sun, since it is good to know what is behind the scenes of TV shows before they reach our small TV screen.

The fact that some people have the courage to perform in front of the TV screen is, in my opinion, an extraordinary act. And the fact that João Sá and Alexandra have the audacity and courage to show their work against of what we normally see in our TV (mainly cute kids and young people with throat) as a lot of merit and extraordinary courage.

The work with animals is judge as “lot of training” without merit and talent, but, we that daily deal with our four leg friends know that some talent and capacity is necessary, since dogs react and act according with the owners they have.
But with a jury that probably, if they have dogs, have an “Ambrósio” to take care of them or have the “lulu” type always dressed in style to show in the “pink magazines” pages, we can consider their opinion to value according with that.

For me, João and Alexandra, not only you deserve a big CONGRATULATIONS for your courage but also deserve a big well deserved APPROVAL.

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k9 said...

many heartiest congratulations to Joao and Alexendra. and thanks for revealing what happens behind the scenes before they are broad-casted to small TV screens.
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