Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do you believe in Dogs Love ?

dogs loveThis week I decided to write a post about a very asked question. “Do you believe in Dogs Love ?”

Maybe because I am a single mom with a few bad relations with humans in my history, I simple do believe in dogs love.

Yes I could write dozens of stories that I read and experience from my dogs to prove that, but I think that the belief comes from our heart and our daily live experience with our dogs.

I do have dogs, because I love to have then. They really make my day and they really helped me over and over again in bad moments and to become a better person.

A few professional dog trainers told me repeatedly that if I wanted to have a super champion obedient dog, I would have to keep my dog in a box and just take him out when was training time or owner-attention time. But doing that to my friend ? Ok ! Now I seam the guy from Marley and Me that feels bad for neuter the dog, because he is his friend.

Well, what can I say …
I just love to pet my dog that sleeps with me, the way he seems to feel so happy when I do that.
I love the way my dogs lay down around the table when I heat.
The way they give without asking nothing in return.
The simple way they become happy or anxious to be their turn when I brush their hair.
The exited reaction when is training time.
The craziness when is walking time.
The way they ask to be pet and attention.
Even the way they speak and dance with me.

So maybe … just maybe isn’t true love … but for sure it feels like true love.

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