Monday, July 13, 2009

Lisbon International Dog Show

On this weekend there were the 113º and 114º Lisbon International Dog Show and 10º Obedience Trial

Like last year, the organization was quite good and the concern to put some shades for the exhibitors was excellent.

Also the announced schedule and judgments was kept closer has possible to the announced, so also deserves congratulations.

The organization of an obedience trial in exhibit has its merits, since it allows to show that dogs can also do obedience.

Ok, remarks made and congratulations made, next there are some photos.

Portuguese Water Dog

Our friends Portuguese Water Dog of Casa da Buba and of course my Figo

Dog Show

Our command center

Portuguese Water Dog

My Portuguese Water Dog, Figo, being showed by Joana Gonçalves, that achieved the 1º breed puppy and 1º group puppy

golden retriever

golden retriever

My golden retriever, Bianca, being showed by her little friend Francisca witch achieved the result Exe

australian shepherd

Here I am with my three australian shepherd, and Teco is the star, since he got a Good in Obedience class 2

Portuguese Water Dog
Portuguese Water Dog

Once again my friends Portuguese Water Dog of Casa da Buba

Finally, the eye exams, available in a reasonable price is something also to be classified has excellent and hopefully will continue to exist in the following years. I personally took two of my Australian Shepherds, Cookie and Teco, and was very happy of all clear result.

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